Renovating Your Home To Fit You

Home remodelWhen Renovating your home, almost everything must align to your personality, or else why would you go through the effort . The whole point is to adjust your environment to fit “you”. Even so, where this is not always possible in most areas of life, unless you are uber-dynamic, in your home you have full control,  After all, “a man’s (or woman’s) home is his castle” and while you may not have the resources to do anything you want, you can be sure that what you do, do brings you closer to your dream home.

Of course if you have a family your ideas of a dream home will have to be flexible as there will be others in your household who have their own idea as to what makes up a dream home.The result will be a blend of these ideals. It would be a good idea to have a “meeting of the minds first so that when you actually start your project you will be moving towards the agreed upon dream home or at least moving in that direction.

The luxury

Kitchen RemodelLuxury implies that something is beyond what is required and is moving in the direction of “pampering yourself. If money is no object, a small swimming pool in the living room would certainly be a luxury, But this would be a bit beyond what most of us could afford or in most cases even want.  However, a  soaking tub or a special appliance might be a reasonable indulgence. A fancy toilet would fall into this category But again these luxuries have to be agreed upon and fall into what your budget will allow.  Everyone might not agree on a wet bar, or swimming pool but when you have an idea of what you have in mind as the agreed upon dream home you can work in that direction even if you can’t afford to get there in one feld swoop.

The fantastic

Over the top remodel

Now that is a chandelier

If you are a golf fanatic you might want a putting green in the back Yard. Or a big screen TV in the “gaming room” if that is your passion.  What ever your interest catering to that make the home more you.  Perhaps a pool table if that is your thing or a baby grand if you are a music buff. A stuffed elephant if you are a big game hunter would be just as extreme.  A central music system that pipes music throughout your home or an art studio if you are an artist.  The possibilities are infinite as long as they align to you goal.

The imaginative

Using art in a remodelEffectively, the definition of imaginative is in reality the product of your imagination that you have made a reality.. A performer is usually a electrician, a poet, a writer, an image artist, an indoor artist, an clear artist, a artist, a songwriter- a story teller. Therefore, you’ll need to starting your bathroom’s design and style on your idea of what is a work or art. Even so, it’s also possible to go with a distinct discipline of art which aligns with your idea of what art is. If, by way of example, you might be a artist and have your favorite classic artist, then be my guest, embellish your bath room with hues of Van Gogh and Monet.

If you are more a literary buff you might decorate with excerpts from your favorite authors.  After all “who is John Gault?

The Enthsiast

Personal remodelMuch like the imaginative household variety, the enthusiast typecasting is additionally quite common. I could come up with innumerable examples of this but just let us take a look at a few.  . You will find the publication enthusiast, laptop computer enthusiast, the world wide web enthusiast, the gadget geek , the data enthusiast, and the many more. How to work your particular passion into your living space is part of the fun. If you just do what I say is it really yours? You’ll be able to develop your toilet in its own unique way that is different from Better Home and Gardens or any other gude line that is not you. Just keep your toilet design and and your home design as an extension of your personality.  Truly yours. .

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